Purpose of the Society

The promotion of the Science of Lingual Orthodontics and the wider professional purposes of its members, the protection of this specialty in all legal means, the promotion and improvement of the profession of Lingual Orthodontist and the representation of our country in relevant bodies of the European Union.

The contribution in the national and global human society, having as concern the well-being and harmony of the patients’ face, with the promotion of high ethical and professional standards in training and exercise of lingual orthodontics.

The update of Orthodontists so as to expand their knowledge in the field of Lingual Orthodontics. Continuous encouragement with training, promotion of research and knowledge exchange.

The organization and running of congresses, one-day conferences, meetings, and study groups.

The creation of relationships and the connection with international scientific groups, similar societies, organizations, and institutions internationally working on issues of lingual orthodontics.

Encouragement of scientific debate with a network of distinguished scientists and researchers of all specialties.

The creation and maintenance of website and exploitation of all means of communication with a view to inform the wider audience, the dentists, the industries etc. regarding the benefits and evolutions in lingual orthodontics.